In the Words of Our Clients

The following is a sample of actual written responses we have received while conducting our background investigations. All
feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know how we can serve you better by contacting us.
What They Said
"You have served us well, which has made the members of the congregation breathe a bit easier."
"Thank you for your exceptional service… your ministry is very important to the well-being of Christ's church!"
"A remarkable approach to the question of clergy integrity!"
"I'm glad you are doing routine checks. Thank you!"
"My gratitude is extended to all who labored so diligently to produce this excellent questionnaire. I pray, sincerely, that it may assist in the prevention of abuse in the future; that the heartaches of the past may not be repeated; that those in authority—bishops and senior clergy—may not heap added abuse on the innocent victims (who may describe in detail the horror they endured) simply by refusing to believe that 'such a good man can do such evil;' or that 'you acted stupidly when you allowed him to do that;' or worse still, 'why did you allow it to happen?'"
"This strikes me as a good questionnaire, and well presented. It's too bad they are needed.
"I applaud the concept of background checks and this is certainly a good start."
"I am impressed with your diligence with regard to clergy screening and commend you on persevering with these inquiries."
"I want to commend Oxford Document on the thoroughness with which you are undertaking background checks. I believe this is a necessary approach on behalf of leadership in the life of God's family."
All feedback is greatly appreciated. We want to know how we can serve you better. To provide feedback, click here.

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