Article: How to Implement Record Checks in Your Organization

The first step is to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to develop appropriate policies and guidelines with respect to record checks. Clear guidelines should be established stating which types of offenses are relevant; what offenses will disqualify a candidate; what other factors will be considered; and how the rights of the candidate will be preserved. Policies should also be established regarding who has access to this sensitive information, how the information will be stored, the length of time it will be maintained, how often a candidate needs to be rechecked, and instructions for disposing of the confidential files.

Once your policies/guidelines are in place and an appropriate authorization form is approved, then it is simply a matter of getting the authorization in front of your candidates early on in the interview/application process. Doing so has certain advantages:

Requiring completion of the authorization early on may serve to “self screen” certain candidates before additional resources are devoted to the selection process.

The candidate may admit to a criminal offense that is an automatic disqualifier for the position.

As you develop your policies and guidelines, be assured that ODM has the flexibility and ability to perform any variation of services you deem appropriate. In a few short minutes, we can have our internal systems in place to serve your needs for record checks.

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I want to commend Oxford Document on the thoroughness with which you are undertaking background checks.

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