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The extent of any background check should be tailored to the requirements of the position, the level and nature of “trust” in the position, and legal limitations. We will work with you to tailor a screening program to suit your unique needs, which may include a combination of services from our two service arms: background referencing and public records checks.

Background Reference Checks

The cornerstone of our background investigation program for our many clients in the religious community is to make written inquiries of the past educational institutions, employers, organizations, and religious supervisors of an applicant. A series of thorough screening questionnaires are utilized during this process.

View a sample questionnaire (please note: questionnaires will vary based on denomination) and learn more about our process and how we administer it on behalf of our clients.

Fees for Background Reference Checks

Individual Church
Five year background referencing $105.00
Ten year background referencing $145.00
Fifteen year background referencing $170.00
Our fees are approximately 25 percent lower for Diocese/Annual Conference/Synod/Presbytery clients, and are as follows:
Diocese/Annual Conference/Synod/Presbytery
Five year background referencing $85.00
Ten year background referencing $120.00
Fifteen year background referencing $140.00
Fees do not include Public or Criminal Records Checks.

Public/Criminal Records Checks

Over the past decade, favorable legislation and the marvels of modern technology have made it much easier to obtain revealing information about an individual. Given the unique positions of trust held by clergy and other church workers—and the lessons learned from civil litigation—it is now common practice for religious organizations to make greater use of this information as part of a comprehensive candidate screening process. Though not a substitute for using other screening tools or risk reduction techniques, relevant information on an individual may be found in criminal history, motor vehicle and credit bureau records. Our fees for public records checks do not vary whether you are an individual church, diocese, or secular employee and are as follows:

Fees for Public & Criminal Records Checks

Fees vary depending on 7 year address and name history of a candidate for county, statewide, and federal jurisdiction searches.

One-time setup fee of $50, billed only when services are first rendered.
Criminal History (County Jurisdictions) $15 each
Criminal History (Statewide Jurisdictions) $15 (MN), $120 (NY), $40 (others)
each, per name
Criminal History (Federal District Jurisdictions) $15 each
Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search $15 per name
DOJ Sex Offender Search $15 per name
Social Security Number (SSN) Trace $8 each
Credit Report * $15 each
Motor Vehicle Record (Statewide) $20 each
Employment Verification $15-$40 each
Education $15-$40 each
* A site inspection is required by Equifax to comply with the FCRA for an additional fee of $100. Click here for more information. Please call with any questions you may have, (800) 801-9114.
Guide for Standard Church Positions

For convenience and illustrative purposes only, we have a sample of what many of our clients use as default position codes in the religious community. This may differ from what your denomination leadership or legal counsel recommends.

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